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Novembre 28 2014

  • The new updated Sakura Matsuri antiques web site is finally ready.
  • Our new nihonto:
    • Nanbokucho jidai tachi signed Osafune Masamitsu, NBTHK Hozon Touken
    • Nanbokucho jidai katana monted in koshirae
    • Muromachi jidai katana signed Hiromitsu mounted in koshirae
    • Shinto jidai katana signed Hichibejo Sukesada, NBTHK Hozon Touken
    • Bakumatsu jidai katana signed Hirotaka, in Bakumatsu gane, mounted in koshirae
    • Early Shinto jidai wakizashi signed Katsuyoshi, NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon Touken, triple certification
    • Shinshinto jidai wakizashi signed Ikkansai Yoshihiro, NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon Touken

  • Tosho Masahira Fujiyasu Sensei:
    • Through Sakura Matsuri is now possible to have a nihonto forged by master Masahira Fujiyasu, with dedicated mei. See the dedicated section for infos and details

  • A new cooperation:
    • This november takes way the cooperation between Sakura Matsuri antiques and a very apreciate italian Yoroi crafter, Carlo Broggi. You can already see one of his armours within our site in the dedicated section.

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