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Febrary 7, 2013

  • The "project tsuba" finally saw the light, with nearly two years of preparation, development, coordination and research. The two artists / artisans involved in the project can realize any kind of kodogu according to any request concerning materials, styles or details. The tsuba are made by forging and machining traditional Japanese, simple or complex, in iro-e, sukashi, takebori etc. Some of the tsuba are made ??visible on the website page dedicated to the koshirae.
  • Following the withdrawal of the deposit from a customer we decided to keep it on the pieces for which it was paid. The pieces in question are therefore partly already paid! We hope to turn a problem into a way to combat the crisis.
  • Kiseru special! The whole collection of kiseru is now on sale. You can find them on the portal page dedicated to kiseru with a 20% discount!

Genuary 23, 2013

  • 3 new netsuke
    • High level signed Mitsuyuki portrays an old man at rest on a tree trunk
    • Still a high level netsuke, signed Shozan, a human figure richly decorated
    • A netsuke brightly colored themed Hagoromo signed Gyokuryu
  • 28 new tsuba:
    • Sukashi school Owari themed chrysanthemum
    • From Choshu school a richly detailed sukashi portrays an old tea room
    • Mokko gata tsuba signed Jakushi with dragon theme
    • O sukashi Higo school themed paulownia flower
    • A ginko and oak themed sukashi from first Edo Shoami school
    • A beautiful migakiji decorated with gold and shakudo, Otsuki school
    • The Soten school at its highest level with traditional warriors theme
    • Soten school tsuba themed pagoda
    • A typical Kaneie school tsuba with boatmen
    • A gold leaf tsuba Kaga school Koi carp theme
    • A koma inu high level from Choshu school
    • A Mokko gata tsuba Mino-Goto school with gold decorations
    • Old Katchushi school from the first Muromachi period
    • First Muromachi Katchushi school in sukashi
    • A Kurishitan (Christian) tsuba Nanban Hizen themed dragons
    • An original Yokoya School tsuba with tiger theme
    • Signed Masamitsu, Ito school, theme of ancient pine trees
    • From Nara school the capture of a butterfly in a spider's web
    • Tsuba with very particular framed landscapes
    • Choshu school tsuba themed with dragon in the clouds
    • Ito school signed Masanaga at the highest level
    • Choshu school tsuba Kawaji in sukashi with floral theme
    • One of the best old Katchushi school sukashi
    • Ito school sukashi signed Shigemitsu themed eggplants
    • Heianjo zoganfrom the first Edo with brass decorations
    • Tsuba signed Masatomo with brass Mitsudomoe of a drum
    • Original themed tanuki Tanaka school with silver decorations
    • Iron Ko Shoami tsuba fans theme
  • 1 pair of fuchi and kashira:
    • Fuchi / kashira dragon theme with gold decorations
  • 3 pairs of menuki:
    • Pair of menuki gagaku dancers theme decorated with gold
    • Floral Menuki shakudo and gold made themed pearls and peonies
    • Koma inu shakudo with gold embroidery
  • 5 between kozuka and kogatana:
    • Goto school shakudo themed duck decorated in silver and gold
    • Yanagawa style of the Edo period with horses in bass relief
    • Goto school kozuka themed camelia flower and koma inu with kogatana signed in tamahagane
    • Ultimate expression of the Goto school shakudo and gold themed mantis
    • A kozuka themed ancient tsuka coated with silver and dragon decorated

September 03, 2012

    o NETSUKE:
  • Netsuke depicting Buddha according to japanese tradition
  • Netsuke kurishitan (cristiano) depicting the episode of Herod and the infants
  • Netsuke in mennetsuke style depicting the face of a sage with sliding eyes
  • Netsuke depicting a geisha in elegant dresses (available soon)
  • o INRO:
  • Inro red laquered depicting a hawk, both symbols of Oda Nobunaga
  • Inro black laquered with gold landscape
  • Inro depicting komainu with mother of pearl inserts
  • o YATATE:
  • Yatate for practicing yatate jutsu with brass sphere
  • Yatatemade of brass, for yatate jutsu, with open mechanism and hole on sumitsubo
  • Yatate with silver wire decoration and hagane kamikiri
  • Tenarashi gata tessen, sensu gata style, yatate wiht dragone bas-relief
  • o KISERU:
  • Kiseru made of brass with dragon carving in mouthpiece and mount Fuji on brazier
  • Kiseru made of silver decorated with japanese sword ji hada in shakudo
  • Kiseru for kiseru jutsu depicting a floreal theme on brazier and a carp on mouthpiece
  • Kiseru for kiseru jutsu, made of brass, solid and strong
  • Kiseru made of silver with carving of a tiger on bamboo forest edge with detail in gold
  • Kiseru case made of laquered cloth decorated with geometric pattern and tabaco ire made with carp menuki

May 15, 2012
- Tachi signed Masamune, Muromachi age, mounted on shirasaya with silver habaki
- Tachi signed Norimitsu, Tenbun era, mounted on red laquered koshirae from Edo age
- Katana signed Kazuhira, Showa age, tribute to a Genbeijo Sukesada's blade from Muromachi
- Katana Shinshinto signed Minamoto Motooki mounted on koshirae with shakudo and gold tosogu
- Katana early Edo, Shinto, signed Shogen Tameyasu mounted on high rank koshirae, floral themed
SALES ( for pictures and details)
- Katana signed Masayoshi, gunome midare on shirasaya
- Katana mumei, hiro suguha, togariba, on shirasaya
- Katana mumei, notare mixed with sanbonsugi, o-kissaki, on shirasaya
- Katana signed Soshu Osafune Sukemitsu, Mino school, suguha, togariba
- katana signed Tadakiyo, gunome choji, on shirasaya
- Wakizashi omi Daijo Fujiwara Sukesada, gunome choji midare
- Wakizashi signed Kaneshige, suguha mixed with notare midare, hozon kanteisho, handachi koshirae
- Wakizashi mumei Echizen Seki, suguha mixed with gunome, hozon kanteisho, koshirae
- Wakizashi mumei Uda Kunimune, suguha, bo hi, on shirasaya
- Wakizashi mumei Sadakuni, peculiar bo hi middle of shinogiji, suguha
- Wakizashi signed Echigo ju Kanesada, notare midare, on shirasaya
- Wakizashi gunome midare, on shirasaya, double layer habaki, to be polished
- Wakizashi, suguha, silver habaki, mounted on shirasaya
- Naginata, gunome midare hitatsura, on shirasaya
- Tanto signed norimune, hira zukuri, gunome midare

December 01, 2011
Sakura Matsuri antiques finally opens its gates and welcomes all new international customers. After years of dedication to japanese antiques business Sakura Matsuri finally becomes international. With Sakura Matsuri antiques we want to bring our experience to Europe, United States and Canada. In the next few days we will post the whole collection, made of nihonto, sword accessories, kiseru, yatate and much more. As we did, and keep on doing, on italian market we offer the finest selection of japanese antiques straight from Japan, with professionalism. Thanks to our long experience with customs and couriers we always take care of documents, shipping and everything related our antique and swords, to let our customers enjoy shopping with ease. You can easily contact us via our "Contacts" section, where you will find all the details required. We love to push ourselves always further and we are definetely proud to get involved with this new adventure.
Emiliano Lorenzi
Sakura Matsuri antiques director and owner

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